Saturday November 28th 2015

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Cousin Joe’s Homemade Cough Syrup

Before I tell you how to make the cough syrup I need to tell you that one of the main ingredients is whiskey. We do not recommend or suggest that this cough syrup be given to someone under 21 years of age.

This is cousin Joe’s homemade cough syrup, or as we call it, “The Recipe”. Someone gave this idea to him years ago, and he said he has worked many years perfecting it. His preference of whiskey for his homemade cough syrup is Jack Daniels. You get a pint of whiskey, and pour half out. There are two ways to do the second ingredient. you can either put peppermint sticks or red hots. Cousin Joe prefers the red hots.

If you are using red hots put half a hand full if you are a man, full handful if you are a woman. if you are putting peppermint sticks put in as many as you can.  Shake the bottle until the red hots or peppermint start to dissolve. When this is done you will next pour honey until the bottle is full. Shake well and now you have your own bottle of Cousin Joe’s Cough Syrup. I know people that swear by this cough syrup, and they say it makes them feel a whole lot better. Now whether that is the whiskey talking or not I don’t know. You will have to try for yourself.

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