Sunday November 29th 2015

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Small Country Church

I was driving through a large populated area of town the other day, and a church that I passed still had their original little white chapel with the steeple still standing just as perfect as it did over a hundred years ago. There was something so intimate about it. Almost like you could walk in and expect to see him (Christ) standing there waiting on you to discuss your problems.

Driving by that church made me miss the intimacy of a small country church. Small country churches are a dying breed.  A church that may have 50 to 150 on Sunday morning, but you know everyone and everyone knows you. You called everybody brother and sister. When one person was out, half the congregation would show up at your house to make sure you were ok. Churches that were not booming the walls with instruments, but singing their songs in acapella because the church couldn’t afford instruments.

It’s almost impossible today to be a small country preacher now a day and not hold another job to make ends meet. For those of you that do I commend you and your work. I do know that they still exist because my friend Doug Dingley preaches at the Church of Christ in Cleveland Oklahoma. He has a great congregation and if you ever get that way stop by and tell him hi. If you ever get to Valley Forge, see the church that General Washington and his generals worshipped in. It has to be one of the most beautifully intricately decorated small churches I’ve ever seen. It’s truly a wonder to see.

The church I attend now has over 700 in attendance on Sunday. Quit small still compared to some congregations but still big enough that you know a lot of people, but you don’t know everyone. We have an excellent youth group and great resources for a church our size. We are able to do a lot of good around our community. I still get homesick for that small church feeling, but now a day if I do, I drive to Cleveland Oklahoma and worship with them.