Monday October 5th 2015

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Old Wives Tales Superstitions During the holiday season

  • Old Wives Tales – Christmas
    • If you sit under a pine tree on Christmas Eve, angel voices will sing all around you but you will die soon after.
    • The week before Christmas, roosters crow in the middle of the night so the day will come sooner.
    • The dawn comes twice on Christmas day.
    • The plants will bloom
    • Animals will talk
  • Old Sayings for New Years Day
    • Its bad luck to see a red haired person on New years day.
    • Never carry ashes out of your house on New Year’s day or someone in your house will have bad luck
    • Never sweep your house on New Year’s day, or some one will be swept away before next year comes.
    • Dont cut your hair or trim your nails on New Year’s day or you cut your fortune.